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Is it OK to Brag About Yourself?

I often hear from my clients that they "don't like talking about themselves". I then ask "how can you manage your career if you are uncomfortable talking about yourself?" The problem is if you don't tell people about yourself, who else will? The answer to that question is plenty of people. People will talk about you. However, are they telling your story the way you want it told? Who knows?

You need to be in control of the narrative about you. So how do you talk about yourself when you feel it will come across as:

  • Cocky

  • Self-serving

  • Braggadocios

  • Self-promoting

The answer is to change your perspective. Think about being the hiring manager, or even a prospective customer. In order to make a good hiring decision, the hiring manager/prospect needs information. Therefore, it is imperative that you INFORM the hiring manager/prospect about how you can help them, your skills and your credentials. "Inform" is in capital letters because I want you to differentiate that from "bragging." It is your job to INFORM prospects. You don't need to add a lot of adjectives which may bring it into the braggadocios camp. Just state the facts and let the prospect judge. Judging yourself is not your job. Your job is to inform, the prospects job is to judge if you are right for them. This distinction is key.

That being said, every once in a while, it is ok to brag. And I'm writing to you to do just that. I was recently recognized as a top 20 Executive Coach in Boston by Influence Digest+. As a matter of fact, I am listed in the #5 spot. I've worked hard during the past decade to develop my skills and apply them to helping my clients reach and better yet, go beyond their goals. Many people I've worked with are in a much better place in their lives due to my coaching. That is the best reward I could ask for. To be recognized by others amongst my peers is an additional reward that I am proud to share.

Don't be afraid to inform others of what you bring to the table. You have value. People need you. Make sure they know how you can help.

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