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Don't Focus on What You Are Thankful For

I hope you enjoyed this past week focusing on what you are thankful for. That's the spirit of the American holiday, Thanksgiving. Unlike most holidays and celebrations, no gifts are exchanged which is a plus for non-shoppers and a bummer for shoppers. Instead, the purpose of this holiday is to get together with family to give thanks for all of our blessings. And to eat, of course. Recently, this holiday has been extended to "Friendsgiving" to celebrate with important people in our lives beyond blood-related family.

I had an experience that made me rethink celebrating all I am thankful for. I heard a new friend mention last week that she was in a job search. She is a single mom with a sole income and wants to provide more than she currently has for her children. She is getting by ok but would like to give them more. After I overheard this, I sent her a text to tell her what I do for a living and offered to help. She and I met today and she was so appreciative of my advice. She asked about my fees and wanted to Venmo me some money. While I charge for my services, because I too am a single mom with a sole income and this is my business, I do try to help people when I can. And in this instance, I wanted to help a fellow single mom. So I declined her offer to pay me. However, I told her that I do want compensation. That compensation is for her to find happiness. I, like many, know the struggle of divorce, raising children and juggling a career. I have managed, pushed through and thrived because of the people in my life that have been generous with their time, wisdom and love.

I have so much to be thankful for. But this Thanksgiving, I want to focus on how I can give. Being "thankful" is what others have done for you. Don't forget to do for others...and to celebrate that too.

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