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Take it from our happy clients...

Bridgepath Career Advisors has been in business for more than a decade. We can only last that long if our clients love us! Check out our testimonials from just some of our many clients that have benefited from our services.

Customer Reviews

“As a result of working with Jill, I have finally broken through barriers that held me back for so long. I had never been able to figure out what was holding me back, let alone how to break through. Jill was able to identify these barriers and present solutions. I am finally reaching levels that I have wanted for so long. I would highly recommend Jill for anyone who wants to be challenged to grow.” ~Karen, Operations Executive

“Receiving confidential senior-level coaching is invaluable - professionally and personally.  Jill Huggett combines knowledge of workplace and current generation.” ~Amanda, Chief Marketing Officer


"I was in a job that had me more stressed than I even knew. What I did know was that continuing to work there was taking its toll physically and emotionally. Then I found Jill! She helped me realize that I had lots of options and that I did not have to stay in a very unhappy, underutilized, unappreciated and stressed out position. Jill brought me through her process of identifying my goals, some options and then helped me think strategically and tactically to make it happen. Now, I am happier than I have ever been in my work (which has made my personal life much better, too)! If you are anything but happy in your career, don't wait! Call Jill today so she can help you, too!!" ~Stacey, Real Estate Investor

“In my job search, I was getting interviews but not getting the job.  After your counsel, I got the next job I went for.  I’m a believer.” ~Kevin, Private Equity Professional


"I was changing jobs for the first time in 20 years. I didn’t know where to begin.  Jill guided me through the job search process with purpose and patience. Having Jill coach me through my transition was so worth the investment!“ ~Joan, Investment Professional

“Throughout my career, I felt my work to spoke for itself and my results continually generated recognition and opportunities for additional responsibility and career growth. That approach, while successful for me in the past, was not separating me from the competition at my current level. Jill understood from day one what I needed to do to achieve my goals.” ~Stan, Regional Vice President

"If you are searching for a top career coach, look no further than Bridgepath Career Advisors and Jill Huggett. Jill helped me transition to the career of my dreams in hearing health care. Her proven approach to managing a career transition, combined with her optimism and encouragement are a winning combination. Jill took my resume to an entirely different level. She also coached me quite intensely on networking. Given my Harvard MBA, I was no stranger to networking, but Jill helped me put ideas I had learned at Harvard into practice more effectively. Using her framework, she also helped me to focus sufficiently on my transition to gain traction and then momentum. The result? I've now opened my own strategy and marketing consulting company to the hearing healthcare space. I strongly recommend Jill Huggett and Bridgepath Career Advisors." ~Nancy, Management Consultant

"Jill Huggett is an exceptional talent with deep expertise as an executive coach. Jill started supporting our organization 3 years ago as an executive coach, workshop facilitator and consultant. This partnership has significantly benefited our entire organization. Our win-win relationship with Jill is due to her having taken the time to learn our business, get to know our employees and understand our culture. It has built a level of trust that allows for success all around." Crystal, COO

“THANK YOU so very much for your support. I recently accepted a promotional position as CMO thanks in part to the incredible job you did on my resume and interview coaching. I was really able to nail my interviews! I honestly could not have done this on my own. You were amazing! I am singing your praises to my network." ~David, Healthcare Executive

"Jill particularly helped me to validate my interest areas, refine my networking strategy, and negotiate my compensation. She combines personal warmth with solid professionalism. She listens carefully and draws out your thinking - helping develop specific plans and next steps that she then follows up on." ~John, Healthcare Executive

From high level strategic thinking about what success could look like to short-term execution, Jill has been one of the best accelerants for my professional growth . She has an astute ability to quickly understand who you are, where you are trying to go, and how to get there in a way that is unique to you. Through working with Jill, seemingly complicated and worrisome concerns quickly become manageable. She helps you see solutions where one may see none. Jill's expertise comes from a standpoint of both experience AND expertise---she's employed her on strategies personally and has now dedicated her life to helping other people achieve their goals. If you're looking for a career coach, you are lucky if you can partner with Jill." ~ Dilan, Founder

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