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How to Make a Career Transition

Is a Career Transition Possible? Short answer: absolutely. You do not need to be stuck in a career you don't love even if you've been at it for twenty years.

At about 20 years into my corporate career, I felt I had no other option for income than to stay in my profession. So I chugged along every day, commuted long hours, and lived for the weekends. I look back on that now and think…that was no way to live! And I no longer do. I made a career transition. Now my commute is a staircase, I see my kids for hours every day, and I don’t care what day of the week it is. And importantly, my income keeps me in the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to…a crucial piece for me).

How did I do it? Daydreaming, research and planning. Yes, I said daydreaming. What would you rather be doing…for a living that is? If I cherry-picked what I loved about my job it was people management. Specifically, helping others figure out their career path, and providing an opportunity for each to attain their career goals.

After some research, I found a profession that did just that. It was Career Coaching. After more research, I figured out the business model and what I needed to get there.

That’s where planning came in. My plan encompassed finances - getting my personal financial picture in order and determining what I really need to live on; attaining skills and certifications to be an excellent coach, and an in-depth business plan.

It took a few years before I jumped off the corporate ship. It was a great feeling to have this ‘back-up plan’ well baked in case I got really disengaged at work. Sure enough, I moved to a division that did not provide any flexibility. That’s a deal killer. My career satisfaction fell off a cliff because of that and I became disengaged.

Because I had my plan well established, it was a great feeling it was to say, “no, I don’t have to do that.” I will live by my own rules. That ended my corporate career and gave me the push I needed to have a dream job. And I do. As a matter of fact, I write this blog from my backyard, in shorts and listening to music.

So go ahead - dare to dream. Then,

do the research, and start developing and executing your plan. And don’t stop until you get there.

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