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Do You Have a Career Backup Plan?

I’ve seen many individuals get laid off from their job during both my time in the corporate world and as a career coach. A lot of people consider layoffs to be common these days. However, when it happens to you, it can be quite jarring.

As a coach, it makes me nervous when people don’t think this can happen to them. They have a false sense of security that they are indispensable to their company. I’m here to tell you getting laid off can happen to the best of us. You may feel loyalty to your company but trust me, they are not loyal to you. I’ve seen people get laid off that have been with a company for 30 years and never saw it coming. It’s painful to say the least.

You need to understand that your job is not safe. Job security went out of style a long time ago. You need a backup plan for your career. You should always have a backup plan.

The key components to your career backup plan should include:

  • a financial plan should you be unemployed for an extended period. This can also be helpful if you want to start your own business and need a ramp up period.

  • an alternative career path should you have trouble finding a job in your current profession. Some professions are on the decline due to technology or other factors, so you need to know the future prospects of your profession.

  • staying marketable. Keep building skills and continue your education. Not only will you have more skills in your toolbox, but you will exemplify a person that is willing to learn new things. This is great for combatting age discrimination.

  • and most importantly…keeping up with your network. You should always be networking. If you don’t currently have a need or an ask, how about asking someone if they need help?

Getting laid off or going through a job change isn’t usually someone’s idea of a good time. But if you have some things in place, you can significantly reduce the pain. Try putting one or all of these components in place as a career backup plan and you will feel much less anxiety about the safety of your career.

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