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Your Partner Through Every Stage of Your Career

Today, people change jobs every 4.2 years.

Yet, most don’t plan for these changes. As your career management partner for life, we guide you through to your next step and beyond, wherever you are on the career spectrum…recent graduate, becoming a new manager, emerging leader, executive management, c-suite leadership, career transitions and/or moving into retirement. Founded in 2011, Bridgepath Career Advisors, LLC is a global, full-service career and executive management firm. Our expertise spans career planning, career transitioning, executive management and personal leadership development. We partner with professionals to guide them through the many changes one faces throughout their career.


If you are searching for a top career coach, look no further than Bridgepath Career Advisors and Jill Huggett. Jill helped me transition to the career of my dreams in hearing health care. Her proven approach to managing a career transition, combined with her optimism and encouragement are a winning combination. Jill took my resume to an entirely different level. She also coached me quite intensely on networking. Given my Harvard MBA, I was no stranger to networking, but Jill helped me put ideas I had learned at Harvard into practice more effectively. Using her framework, she also helped me to focus sufficiently on my transition to gain traction and then momentum. The result? I've now opened my own strategy and marketing consulting company to the hearing healthcare space. I strongly recommend Jill Huggett and Bridgepath Career Advisors.

Nancy, Management Consultant

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