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Today, people change jobs every 4.2 years. Yet, most don’t plan for these changes. As your career management partner for life, we guide you through to your next step and beyond, wherever you are on the career spectrum…recent graduate, becoming a new manager, emerging leader, executive management, c-suite leadership, career transitions and/or moving into retirement. Founded in 2011, Bridgepath Career Advisors, LLC is a global, full-service career and executive management firm. Our expertise spans career planning, career transitioning, executive management and personal leadership development. We partner with professionals to guide them through the many changes one faces throughout their career.



Dr. Robin Duncan has become a vital asset for me in my personal and professional journey. At the beginning of my initial engagement with Bridgepath Career Advisors, I was feeling stuck in my career and that I needed help re-centering myself for a new chapter in my professional journey. Robin began our initial engagement with authentic compassionate listening to understand what I was thinking and feeling and was effective at hearing both what I said and what I failed to say. Using her fantastic knowledge of tools and coaching methods, she was able to pick the right approach to work with me and hold me accountable for maintaining momentum. She has become an important sounding board for me and candidly shares perspectives about my professional presence that I miss in myself, while also helping me improve my capacity to constructively self-reflect. I find tremendous value in working with Robin and very much look forward to her continued coaching to help me reach new levels of success.

Steve - Needham, MA

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