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Founded in 2011, Bridgepath Career Advisors, LLC is a global, full-service career management firm. Our expertise spans career planning, career transitioning, executive management and personal leadership development. We partner with professionals to guide them through the many changes one faces throughout their career.

Today, people change jobs every 4.2 years. Yet, most don’t plan for these changes. We guide you to your next step and beyond from wherever you are on the career spectrum…graduating college or masters programs, becoming a new manager, emerging leader, executive management, career transitions and moving into retirement.

We are your partner in Career Management for Life.

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  • "It has been a little over a year since I started my job in real estate investing after transitioning from software consulting and I can't tell you how happy I am. The work is challenging, I like the people I work with and I am learning all the time. This is the first time in my life when I am genuinely excited to go to work (most days), and I don't have the Sunday scaries anymore." ~Jay, Boston, MA

  • "I had interviews for several different job opportunities but no offer. After your interview guidance I got the very next job I interviewed for."  ~Dan, M&A, Chicago, IL

  • "In my view, what Jill offers is exceptionally rare. It is uncommon to have true mentorship from an independent, unbiased, and deeply experienced professional who is not affiliated with your company. Furthermore, Jill's already been there. She has been an analyst, a manager, an executive, and an entrepreneur. She has led cross-functional teams, rallied for those who worked in and outside of her group, and has sharp perspective on both the complex and the seemingly simple issues. Needless to say, Jill has helped me tremendously when I was in the throes of a critical career choice. I was in a position that was unfortunately layered with unnecessary politics. She has vision, strategy, and very importantly, the compassion to help others achieve their professional and personal goals that are aligned with their set of human values. That, to me, is no ordinary coach." ~Kate, Financial Services Executive, Boston, MA

  • "After 4 months in job search, I remained unemployed. I had exhausted my methods of job searching I used before. I felt sad, frustrated, tired and low-motivated. My immediate focus was to learn the new ways of job searching, stay upbeat, and live a fulfilling daily life. Jill set up weekly meetings with me and guided me step by step on the new job search techniques. She helped me to revise my resume; she showed me how to enhance my LinkedIn profile; she provided me with spontaneous advice for all kinds of questions or uncertain issues I encountered during the job search. She coached me how to do well in the job interview. When practicing with a mock interview, she showed me the positive and genuine way to answer some difficult questions. She has always been there to encourage me. Before I began my program with Jill, I only had 3 interviews in 4 months. After I started working with Jill, I had 8 interviews in 2 months... and got a job!! I have learned new ways of job searching and I am much more confident in managing my career." ~Jane, Accountant, Vancouver, CA

  • "Jill is personable and extremely fun to work with. She always listened intently and provided insightful and productive feedback. Jill encouraged me throughout the process despite my own lack of patience. The assignments I completed helped me develop new connections and discover new career options I may have never considered. I am now in the process of opening a franchise in the fitness industry so that I can finally leave the corporate world to pursue something that is more in line with my passion. I am infinitely grateful to Jill for coaching me to that end." ~Stephanie, Atlanta, GA

  • “Jill offers a level of sophistication that few other career coaches can.  She's one of the most well-rounded coaches I know, who can help on the strategy side and then the job search materials/ self-presentation side, too.”  ~ Kathy, Professional Career Coach, Massachusetts

  • “If you are searching for a top career coach, look no further than Bridgepath Career Advisors and Jill Huggett. Jill helped me transition to the career of my dreams in hearing health care. Her proven approach to managing a career transition, combined with her optimism and encouragement are a winning combination. Jill took my resume to an entirely different level. She also coached me quite intensely on networking. Given my Harvard MBA, I was no stranger to networking, but Jill helped me put ideas I had learned at Harvard into practice more effectively. Using her framework, she also helped me to focus sufficiently on my transition to gain traction and then momentum. The result? I've now opened my own strategy and marketing consulting company to the hearing healthcare space. I strongly recommend Jill Huggett and Bridgepath Career Advisors." ~Nancy, CT

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