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Looking to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job? How a Professional Resume Writer and LinkedIn Profile Writer Can Help

If you were recently laid off, quit your job, or are looking for a new job before you leave your current place of employment, a professional resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer can be vital to your success. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand why hiring this type of professional is important and what they can gain from using this type of professional.
These days, resumes are often reviewed by computer software and scanned for specific keywords before the resume ever makes it into the hands of someone who physically looks at it. If your resume does not have the keywords the software is looking for, it is typically discarded, which can prevent you from getting the job you want. A resume writer can format your resume properly and ensure it has the keywords that are needed.
Employers often also look at your LinkedIn profile when you are looking for a job. This profile should list all of your qualifications for the job, including your past experience and education. You should also try to have endorsements from those who know you. A great LinkedIn profile writer can help to ensure that your LinkedIn profile lists everything that an employer expects to see for the type of position that you are applying for. Thus, this increases your chances of being called in for a first or second interview with a company.
You should not be alone in your job search. Hiring a resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer can have an effect on your ability to land the job you are after and just how long it takes you to land that job. Let us at Bridgepath Career Advisors, LLC, located in Boston, MA., help you land the job of your dreams with our writing services.

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