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How to Know if it's Time to Leave Your Job

I was recently asked how one knows it’s time to leave a job. Many have experienced this nagging, uncertain feeling in their career. Have you felt this way? Maybe you feel you see the writing on the wall, or maybe you are just unsatisfied.

So what do you do? If you think you see writing on the wall, it’s not only uncomfortable, but you are on high anxiety waiting for the axe to drop. You’re debating internally whether these signs are real or imagined. And this vicious cycle begins where you cannot perform your best or exude confidence adding further to your paranoia. Not a great place to be.

Following is a list of possible signs that your time in your current role is limited:

  • You have been excluded from meetings and communication that you had previously taken part.

  • Your opinions have not been solicited in a while.

  • You have not been assigned any new projects or initiatives.

  • Your values do not align with those of your boss, or your company.

  • The job is taking you in a direction other than toward your vision.

Do any of these apply? Doesn’t matter really…the real problem is that you are not in control of your career. If you knew you had options, any of these scenarios wouldn’t scare the heck out of you and certainly wouldn’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Get your back up plan in place and they’ll never have you over a barrel again.

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