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Founder / CEO

Our philosophy is to provide down-to-earth, straight-forward, actionable guidance for every step of your career. We believe in "tell it like it is" because that's the way to uncover blind spots,  overcome obstacles and improve. Our team has experienced their own successful careers before joining us. This is important because we've lived much of what our clients experience. As a result, our clients attain life-changing results through our proven coaching system coupled with the real-world experience from each of our associates.


I'm Jill Huggett. After more than twenty years in the corporate world, I founded Bridgepath Career Advisors to help people find career happiness. I'm rewarded every day as our clients make progress toward their goals. Because of the success of our clients, I have expanded my team. I've chosen coaches that share my values.  These include our belief that:

  • people should be their authentic selves if they want to reach their potential

  • honesty is a priority

  • every person has value

  • experience develops wisdom which should be shared generously.

  • successful coaching is about partnering, asking proper questions, and guiding. It is not about providing opinions that may or may not suit you.

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