Why Your Lack of Confidence Shows

What is it that makes people perceived as confident or lacking confidence? You’ve probably observed people who manage to exude confidence while others do not exude confidence, despite having comparable qualifications.  You also probably know that confidence is a key driver in “getting places”. And you would be right. Sometimes people think they have toRead More

Personal Brand: Perception is Reality. 5 Ways to Find Out Yours


Most people don’t have a good handle on how they are perceived. However, understanding this is critical to success. Personal brand is a buzzword in corporate America. Your personal brand is your value proposition and competitive advantages. You may know what you want your brand to be, but do you know what your “perceived brand”Read More

The #1 Key to Landing Your Ideal Job


It’s a fact. Business people try to solve business problems. Whether it is expansion into new markets, improving customer satisfaction, or restructuring a financial picture…it is all about solving problems. If you want your next role, you need to approach it with that in mind. You may have many skills and interests that you bringRead More

The Skier and the Hibernator

What do you do during a winter with relentless historic blizzards…snow piled so high, that even New Englanders think it’s crazy? Well, you ski of course. Many stayed indoors waiting for it to pass. Frustrated. Understandably so. I, along with many others, had plenty of damage to my homes from ice dams so the disdainRead More

Top 10 Signs You are in the Wrong Career


Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” ― Gautama Buddha I hope 2015 has started off in the direction you hoped for. This winter in Massachusetts, dubbed #snowmagedon2015 on Twitter, has certainly been interesting. I am thankful that my second career does not requireRead More

Mid-Life Crisis or Wisdom?


Many experience a time in their life when what used to matter no longer does. This feeling tends to bring about thoughts and desires for experiences that are in contrast to the way they’ve lived their life thus far. The most common example is the new car – when someone buys a Porsche after drivingRead More